nickcatsburg“Working with Atze has been a real pleasure. It’s nice to see similarities between my drivingstyle on the sim and in real life. Together we are trying to shave of those last couple of tenths by optimizing my drivingstyle. Atze is phenominal in the sim so there is always a reference time. I especially like going through the data after our sessions, we use the same or similar systems as used in real life and Atze is a great data analist.”

Nick Catsburg – Blancpain BMW Z4 GT3 driver

“Atze’s incredible skill set was key to teaching me new driving techniques and polishing old ones that I had. Having his keen eye to watch me drive and correct as we drove on the same track. To add to the training he would do analysis of replays, which was very helpful. His post driving analysis of telemetry was key to my steady improvement and increased enjoyment. He showed me how to look at his telemetry vs mine and try to understand what I could do to improve. Last week I got my 1st world record time, which was one of my goals. This goal would have been impossible to reach without his coaching. At 1st I was looking for seconds, now I am looking for tenths of seconds and less and another world record lap time.”

Rick Malm – Sunday Driver

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